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Sensei Glen “Bad Boy” Baker

1st Degree Nikidokai Black Belt (Shodan)
Professional MMA Fighter/ Kickboxing Champion

Senpai Glen Baker

Senpai Glen Baker Started his Martial Arts with his Father and later his Father took him to Nicks Kicks at the early age of 8yrs. Old. His 1st kickboxing fight was at the age of 9 years old. only 65 pounds & the other kid was heavier and 2 yrs older, Senpai Glen won a Unanimous decision. Several years later his Father opened a gym named Baker’s Fairtex. Competing 2­3 times a month in Boxing and Muay Thai as well. Senpai Glen won several state championship belts, Placed 2nd in boxing Silver Gloves, & even had one of his fights aired on ESPN as a child.

Now Living the Dream of being able to teach Nikidokai to others and being a Professional MMA fighter, he trains with Benson Henderson at The MMA LAB Fight Team. Working everyday to improve ALL aspects of his Martial Arts to reach his goals of the UFC title!