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Sensei Cory Hare
Sr. Instructor
1st. Degree Nikidokai Black Belt Instructor
“Redirection Specialist”

Sensei Cory began his Martial Arts training over 20 years ago. His first introduction to the arts was long before that at around the age of 10 joining a local Judo school but spent a minimal amount of time there preferring to learn more about the hard punching and kicking aspects of the Martial Arts rather than the soft, gentle approach of Judo.

It wasn’t until 1996 that Sensei Cory met Hanshi Nico at what was at the time Nicks Kicks Dojo in Phoenix Arizona that his real Martial Arts training began. It wasn’t long before Hanshi Nico took him under his wing and began training him to become an instructor. The training was difficult as Hanshi demanded that his instructors in training put in 10 times the work and effort that any other student was required to do. While there he also was taught the inner workings of running a dojo as well was heavily involved in promoting Karate tournaments and Kickboxing events serving as Director of Production bringing in celebrities like Noriuki “Pat” Morita who played Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid Movie Franchises.

Sensei Cory eventually developed a deep interest in the soft styles of the Martial Arts and meditation. He spent several years studying Aikido exclusively receiving rank from an independent school derived from the Seidokan style of Aikido. At this time he returned to Hanshi Nico and received his Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in Nikidokai and was granted the title of Sensei.

Sensei Cory continues to teach and study, taking a great interest in the development of his students. His belief is that the Martial Arts must transcend mere physical technique; that Martial Arts are a way of life and that the mind and spirit must play an equal if not greater role in ones Martial Art training. It is his goal to share this approach with his students and to spread the art of Nikidokai across the globe.