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Shihan Bill Cook

Master Teacher
Co – Founder of Nikidokai

At 10 years old Shihan Bill Cook started out as a troubled boy who’s grandmother put him into martial arts training in hopes of helping him develop discipline. Within his first year, Shihan Bill quickly rose up to become the top student in the dojo and during that time, formed a strong bond with the family. He became best friends with Hanshi Nico which lead to him being adopted into the Fernandez family.

With his adoptive family, he became very close to his new brothers and sisters who worked with the family dojos. Hanshi Nico became his closest brother and best friend, as well as, his martial arts teacher. In 1981, he won the P.K.A. State title by beating an undefeated black-belt champion. This was just the beginning of his title winnings; together, Shihan Bill and Hanshi Nico won many titles and pursued a life-long relationship with the martial arts industry.

Everywhere they go, they create tight-knit families and share their knowledge of the martial arts with the world. Shihan Bill is a former Muay Thai Kickboxing State Champion and has spent many years in Karate competitions and the old school style of bare knuckle fighting and has won many championship trophies over the years.

Shihan Bill spent 10 years in the fight game, while at the same time instructing students from all walks of life. He has been teaching the martial arts for over 25 years. His foremost goal is to continue teaching both adults and children but particularly in creating future instructors in order to keep the art and vision of Nikidokai moving forward with integrity and discipline.

He strongly believes that all dedicated students reach a point in their training where they will feel the need to share and that sharing and teaching the arts is one of the best ways to progress and truly make the art their own.